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Earth Is The Home We Share

Earth Is The Home We Share

Today proved that many people believe environmental protection is important for our lives. For our demonstration of environmentally-friendly products, the booth was filled with clients and friends. We should all pursue long-term harmonious coexistence between people and nature. SinoGlass Group advocates environmental protection and is committed to using healthy and natural materials. We are happy to know that so many people share our concerns and values. Our products also meet the highest industry standards. Come to our booth at 2.2F06-15,2.2 E22-23, and we will show you healthy, high-quality, and well-designed products.

Quality and style can be expressed with recyclable, natural materials. Durable glass, natural bamboo, stainless-steel, and a single silicon eseal are all we use to make the new NATURALIST collection. Eventhe base rack is bamboo. A style that fits anywhere and materials that are eco-friendly make for a product to make your
kitchen proud. Eco-friendly bamboo lid spice jar and bamboo tray set for kitchen cooking canton fair-FSC certification

FSC CERTIFICATlON refers to the Forest Stewardship Council
certification, which is an international standard for responsible forest management. The FSC is and independent, non-profit organization that sets the criteria for sustainable forestry practices and certifies forests and forest products that meet these criteria.
SinoGlass has been FSC certification approved. The products you purchase from SinoGlass can come with a FSC label to help with your marketina and sales for sustainable practice & contribution
The FSC label means those products are sourced from certificated forests which are audited by independent third-party organizations to ensure compliance with the FSC standard twlll encourage your consumers to identify and choose those products that have been produced with minima environmental impact and support sustainable forest management.2024 canton fair Sinoglass

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