Competitive Advantage

The R&D Advantage

SinoGlass Group has gathered the top international and domestic designers and created an excellent domestic development team, all to provide quick and efficient solutions and high quality products for our clients.

Talent Advantage

SinoGlass Group openly recruits talented personnel. Over 80% of the management and operating staff are university and technical secondary school graduates, with an average age of 33. SinoGlass also cooperates with specialists from many fields, maximizing the use of human capital.

Manufacturing Advantage

SinoGlass Group owns 170,000 square meters of Huangdao Industrial Park, adjacent to the Qingdao port, and 30,000 square meters of Gaomi Industrial Park. Our manufacturing capacity provides a powerful guarantee of delivering your order on time.

Information Advantage

SinoGlass Group uses many internal operating systems, such as SAP, CRM, FCC(Finance Control Center), EPS (ElementalKitchen Purchase System), ERS (ElementalKitchen Retail System), and ODM (Order Dispath Management). These systems ensure the rational allocation of company resources, such as the production, sales, HR, R&D, and finance.

Supply Chain Advantage

SinoGlass Group has focused on the glass housewares industry for more than ten years. We source high-quality raw materials from China, Europe, North America, and other regions. Our quality means we are selling Elemental Kitchen products to more and more countries and regions.

Quality Advantage

Because SinoGlass Group uses thorough QA and QC quality control systems, professional raw materials, modern manufacturing and the best quality control personnel, we can ensure the highest quality work and products from our production, facilities, environment, staff, and management.